TrappedInFlesh/ June 4, 2018/ Art, Earth, Thought

In conversation with coworkers and others I realize that not every one pays attention to the same things.  Not everyone knows what you do.  Not everyone can invest the time to concern themselves with the wrongs of the world to a point of action.  Not everyone has multiple social media accounts.  They are so caught up in the ‘scheme of things’ that resting is more important.  They won’t know of the next march or picket line unless it’s televised or mentioned at work and or school.   And if they know, their time is already spoken for.  Their main and some times their only priority is to survive, to live as happily as possible while raising their children on the little that they make or while working two to three jobs.  Not all fathers and mothers know not to dress their children or themselves as Native americans on Halloween.  Not everyone knows fluoride rots the brain – most won’t know of the pineal gland, least of all their third eye.   They’re simply unaware.  They’re innocent.  They’re not bad people and don’t be surprised if they are more compassionate and more empathetic than you.   

No one is obligated to know as you do.  Least of all if you claim a religion that is ruled by an all loving and forgiving entity, fight for equality and human rights but you criticize, judge or worse, you ostracize someone for not thinking or knowing as you do – this makes you no different, no better than the “oppressor.”   Enlighten others.  Don’t let your mind narrow. 


It’s not an organization, not a distinguished club or trend. 

Live and let live. 

Unity. Peace.