I’ve been meaning to work on “Mushroom Hill” for days now. Other projects have stolen the attention. Here is one of the distractions, my new facebook cover image. I took the picture from the top of the Echo Mountain hiking trail.  I played around with a couple of adjustment layers and cropped the image in Photoshop to suit the mood I was going for and to fit the dimensions of the facebook cover slot.  You can view the original picture on instagram. I then opened up my ZBrush project “Pedrito” and did a quick render using the ‘Outline Thin’ material and put the two together in Photoshop.

Mushroom Hill

Years back I attended animation classes at East Los Angeles College. One of the results was an animation short that I conjured for an assignment. I titled it “Mushroom Hill.” I kept it simple. Three characters. One good, one bad and a victim. I went as far as making a stick figure animatic-an animated storyboard.
For a while now I’ve been wanting a puppet so I have decided to bring “Mushroom Hill” to life. I will start by building the set, the hill and the mushroom. Here is my animatic.

Pedrito A work in progress.

Almost complete. Originally I wanted him to be a full figure, I might open his file up and add limbs later, but for now he will be a bust. In case you are not familiar with it, in this video I am using a software called ZBrush. For those familiar with it I am sculpting in Dynamesh with a 384 resolutions setting, no particular reason for the 384 resolution, I just move the slider to increase the number.

Domingo El Rey


I am painting two of these simultaneously. Acrylic on canvas.  I titled them both “To the ____.”

Acrylic on canvas.
7″ x 5.5″





Domingo, El Rey…de los bugs.

JesseVelasquezTrappedInFlesh_Werebug_Zsphere_armature_3and here I go…

Domingo will live

So, my Zsphere armature is complete.  Now to give it better neutral pose so that I can sculpt and get to all areas of the piece.



I’m using Zspheres to block out the shape.  A Zsphere armature.



Finally!!! But there is no time for majesty.  The deadline is tonight 11:59.  So in ZBrush I am going to sculpt this design.  A man that transforms into a partial insect type creature and back to human.  For the sake of the contest I will probably not sculpt his penis and testicles.   A werebug.