Rehired, Why?

It’s my day off and I get a call from one of my bosses, the assistant department manager.  An “owner partner” said she couldn’t go in tomorrow because of a doctors appointment. The assistant continues to tell me that he worked with this o.p. yesterday and saw that she looked at the schedule and later in the day even made a comment about who she was going to work with on Thursday.  The call was to tell me to cover her shift, that he would deal with not having a mid shift.  Tomorrow we get two loads of products at separate times of the day. The department needs a mid shift to cover the counter but because this person – that according to others whom have worked with her in the past,  should not have been rehired – customers will probably walk away because they lack the patience or time to wait for service.  One of the loads is perishables and arrives at lunch time.  Some of our customers only get half hour lunch breaks.

I hang up after the assistant tells me to go in at 1 p.m.

Minutes later I receive a text.  To come in at my originally scheduled time, 10 a.m., that this bad for business changed her mind, she will go in as scheduled.

The store manager must be covering up for her because I find it hard to believe the company would keep her on payroll if they were aware of her behavior.  So much time and money wasted covering her shifts and worse the stress it causes the department and what it does to morale.

What ever.  I feel better now. The loss of my few minutes of peace avenged.





Money is one of the most dangerous addictions, maybe more so than any substance ingested, injected, snorted and or smoked.  The people addicted are willing to risk even the very planet that sustains us. Their need for money and its temporary power a definite sickness. It’s most unfortunate that for centuries the masses have been ruled by such addicts.

This tonald dump presidency is full of junkies. The link below describes what portion of our endangered planet they’re willing to destroy next.



My machine.
It tried its best.
Carried me and my bullshit.
Two years. More or less.
Mechanic, just today!
“drive it til it clunks out on you.”
No fixing the rattle.
Needs an engine transplant.
10 east, off ramp.
Sharp curve rolling stop.
Gas, there’s that rattle.
Louder? Radio off.
Louder. Damn it.
More pedal…shit, it’s loud.
Round my corner.
Rattle turned Clunk.
Motor swap.
I don’t think so.
Lack of funds.
270,000+ miles a full life.
Gold Goblin.


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Special Olympics Fundraiser

My cousin in South Carolina has started a fundraising page for the Special Olympics in South Carolina. It’s a great cause! Share some Love.
To donate click on my cousin’s image, it will take to the fundraising page. Thank You!!

What We Live In


Surreal, this time we live in.

People fighting to protect their water source.

Mining polluting water.

Nuclear waste destroying an ocean.

A plant that can heal, medicate, feed, clothe, shelter and fuel the world – is fucking illegal.

The “american people” elected a dumb evil clown as president.

Rather than protect the planet that sustains us all, corporate entities are destroying it profit.

The sun can power the planet but no changes are made.

People still think they are better than one another because one is this or that and the other is not.

Wake up.  Snap out of it.  We all break and bleed the same.

Love and Peace they’re not that difficult.

Copyright Jesse Velasquez, All Rights Reserved.
Copyright Jesse Velasquez, All Rights Reserved.

Election 2016

This year I’m voting for the Green Party and though I’m for the legalization of Marijuana, I am voting NO on prop 64 because it’s not legalization if people are punished with jail time for using a plant that can heal, medicate, clothe, feed, shelter and fuel the world.  Dump and Hilory, yeah, my misspelling of their names is intentional. I’m voting for the only humans on the ballot – Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka.

The music – Discharge “Corpse of Decadence” Complete song below.

So I’m getting older.

It’s a trip when you think about death.  It’s going to happen to all of us.  I sometimes wonder how many doctors are out there practicing for profit.  People that end up with shit like cancer- do their doctors try to heal them or do they just do  what is necessary to keep the patient alive and on medication.

This past June I dislocated my shoulder.  It fucking hurt.  Along with the dislocation I had a scrape with a deep-ass cut in the center of it on my knee.  The doctor prescribed me an ointment that I was to apply twice a day.  I did, but on the third day I was going to put more cream on the wound, I didn’t.  The edges of the scrape were bright red, as if someone drew on me with a loud red marker.  The cut in the the scrapes center was turning nasty, looked meaty and raw.  I freaked out so I doused it with peroxide and with ten to twenty minutes it cleared.  I informed the doctor.  She tells me “don’t use the peroxide too much, it will kill healthy skin/tissue too, just use soap and water to clean it and keep it clean.”  SOAP AND WATER!!!  Why didn’t she tell me that in the first place?

Everyone have a great weekend!