New Cartoon

TrappedInFlesh/ May 22, 2018

Hey!  Just posted a new cartoon. Click HERE.

Lug Nut

TrappedInFlesh/ May 12, 2018

Her man doesn’t have a car – it broke down before they met and because the expense was worth as much as the car he sold it for scraps, he’s at work.  She sends him a text.  “I got a flat!” After he reads it “Fuck this place”

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TrappedInFlesh/ May 5, 2018

Here’s some work in progress.   


TrappedInFlesh/ January 26, 2018

I’m tired of running.  It’s so much easier when alone, life.   Only thing that matters is what you want, need or think you need and nothing else.  For years I was single because I wanted to avoid the heartache and the stress that comes when loving someone.   I’m

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TrappedInFlesh/ January 23, 2018

Went to the eye doctor today to get an exam. Forty four years old and now I need two sets of glasses. Don’t know how I feel about it. I guess I really don’t care. One pair will be for all day use. My “distance” glasses they called

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TrappedInFlesh/ January 14, 2018

Years ago I took a drawing class and forgot I kept a few of my assignments.  I did good. I received a high ‘B.’ A week ago a coworker was talking about needing an art bag for his class.  I still had mine sitting in the closet from

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TrappedInFlesh/ December 28, 2017

Every year the stress is the same.  If I don’t buy anything for my family they’ll think I don’t love them.  We’ve all been programmed so well. I know very well that nothing can represent the love I have for my family.  I love them with all that

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No Tourists

TrappedInFlesh/ September 2, 2017

A day ago I saw a video clip talking about nurth coria (deliberately mispelled) banning american tourists. ‘Oooh shit’ I thought.  Last night I had a dream… Los Angeles without warning was being bombed.   In the dream realizing there was no escape, I hoped for a quick

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Last Song

TrappedInFlesh/ August 11, 2017

At the job. Halfway through my one and a half liter bottle of water, finished my sandwich and my side of slaw and it’s time to clock back in.  Last song, an oldie  but relevant to the times I think.  To have a listen click > KRS-ONE