Conventional Slavery

TrappedInFlesh/ July 11, 2018/ Thought

Where I work, a tall early thirty something, skinny father to many, gamer man put in his two week notice with his last day being the fourth day from today.  This dude is the last person I thought would quit the company.  

He was a department manager and did well.  He wanted more.  They increased his responsibilities to that of a store manager. They know he’s capable.  Dude is smart and understands the numbers thing.  I’m guessing they told him he was being considered for a promotion or they asked him if he was interested in a higher position.  Higher position equals more money.  How can more money not be an incentive or motivation when raising a family of seven or eight?  They took advantage of him but he snapped out of it.  He quit the company.

He walked the entire floor, asked people to fix things, I think he even scrutinized with the heads of the store.  He tried.  But it never happened.  Months of him playing manager…and nothing.  They never promoted him. 

They drained him.  Compensation free, they rode his back for a very long time. His morale was way down, but now I’m thinking it’s way up.  He got out. 

Store management is now telling me “walk the store.  If you see something wrong have who ever is in that department take care of it.” 

After twenty one years of employment it feels wrong to tell people what to do while getting paid what I do per hour.