New Cartoon

TrappedInFlesh/ May 22, 2018

Hey!  Just posted a new cartoon. Click HERE.

Lug Nut

TrappedInFlesh/ May 12, 2018

Her man doesn’t have a car – it broke down before they met and because the expense was worth as much as the car he sold it for scraps, he’s at work.  She sends him a text.  “I got a flat!” After he reads it “Fuck this place”

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TrappedInFlesh/ May 5, 2018

Here’s some work in progress.   

Parts (Fiction)

TrappedInFlesh/ May 2, 2018

Home from a long day at the job. NOT MY FAULT! Not at all my damn fault. I don’t make the parts. All I can do is place my order. “My car has been here for two days already. What do you mean they haven’t sent the necessary

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Random Spit

TrappedInFlesh/ April 17, 2018

Usually I’ll grab breakfast at a local diner or at the golden arches.   But because I shouldn’t and really can’t be spending money as if I had it pouring into my pockets every Friday today I had a bowl of cereal.  I sat in front of the TV

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Wallet (Fiction)

TrappedInFlesh/ April 14, 2018

“We’ll share the soup.  You want a beer or soda?”  Their fight has lasted three days, she misses his affection. “My treat.” She reaches for her wallet. “I’ll take a beer. Is the soup super spicy?” Spicy hot gives him heartburn.  She doesn’t say anything, just orders the

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Hip-hop Vape Kids

TrappedInFlesh/ February 19, 2018

The other day on route to my job I was listening to the radio.  Power 106 where hip-hop doesn’t live.  After one the trendy songs they repeat multiple times every day a commercial aired informing listeners that vaping is dangerous and kids are doing it and that that

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TrappedInFlesh/ February 14, 2018

New glasses.  Reading. Left eye. Everything skewed. Normal they said.  Hard to believe. Accustomed. In a week or so they said I’ll be. Clean and crisp.  Words now easy to read. A bit off. For a few days things will seem. They said. Never adjusted, now they believe. 

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TrappedInFlesh/ January 29, 2018

I remember when I was in my teens I couldn’t wait to be an adult – twenty one years old walking into a liquor store taking my time to pick the right beer or pint of hard stuff. Those years came and went too fast.   I’m getting really

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