What We Live In


Surreal, this time we live in.

People fighting to protect their water source.

Mining polluting water.

Nuclear waste destroying an ocean.

A plant that can heal, medicate, feed, clothe, shelter and fuel the world – is fucking illegal.

The “american people” elected a dumb evil clown as president.

Rather than protect the planet that sustains us all, corporate entities are destroying it profit.

The sun can power the planet but no changes are made.

People still think they are better than one another because one is this or that and the other is not.

Wake up.  Snap out of it.  We all break and bleed the same.

Love and Peace they’re not that difficult.

Copyright Jesse Velasquez, TrappedInFlesh.com. All Rights Reserved.
Copyright Jesse Velasquez, TrappedInFlesh.com. All Rights Reserved.

Election 2016

This year I’m voting for the Green Party and though I’m for the legalization of Marijuana, I am voting NO on prop 64 because it’s not legalization if people are punished with jail time for using a plant that can heal, medicate, clothe, feed, shelter and fuel the world.  Dump and Hilory, yeah, my misspelling of their names is intentional. I’m voting for the only humans on the ballot – Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka.

The music – Discharge “Corpse of Decadence” Complete song below.

Great Mother Earth – is in danger.


It confuses me emotionally when I think of what is happening in N. Dakota.  How is it that people, First Nations People still have to fight for their right to exist – The government sending in law and military personnel not on their behalf but to side with the fucking company that is trying to destroy their land.  How?

North Dakota is only one problem.  The planet is being destroyed world wide.  The film below is worth the time. Be informed.


Prop 64


Just the other night on Neflix I watched a documentary called “13th” about the prison system.  They can’t be racist so now seems they plan to go after people that use Marijuana.

Vote ‘No’ on Prop 64. Visit VoteKnowProp64 to know why.

Radio “Big Du Du” Velasquez (June 29, 2004 – October 20, 2016)



For your friends and family, perfect for Halloween. Who is not “Content” with Love?

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Strawberry Farts 


Another view of some progress I’ve made on one of the characters in my “Strawberry Farts” image – soon to be completed.

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