easter Bunny: done

This where I stopped. I think it was the whole easter theme that killed it for me. I might come back to this model and turn it into an anthropomorphic character.

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easter take 2

I didn’t finish by easter, oh well.  I’m going to continue with him today and today only, the end result will be more of a concept maquette than a finished piece.

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It’s easter this sunday so when I get home from the job I’m going to portray the easter Bunny using ZBrush.  It’ll be a maquette of sorts, not a completed piece, just an exercise.  Till then enjoy this concept doodle.  Now, to the job – wage slave but never a drone.

Copyright Jesse Velasquez TrappedInFlesh.com
Copyright Jesse Velasquez TrappedInFlesh.com


I named him “Pedrito.”  For anyone that has seen my instagram posts of him in the past…yes, he is still a work in progress, I’m not in a rush to finish him. Don’t mind his horns, he’s a good guy.

Copyright Jesse Velasquez, TrappedInFlesh.com

Fucking Politics

I hate politics. The “people” never win or are taken care of. If one group of people is helped another suffers. ‘In god’ I do not trust. When I heard Hillory and Dump won the primaries, that shit bummed me out. I was on the clock at the job and after the news the day dragged, it sucked. While my body went into routine, robot mode, my mind painted fucked up pictures of possible futures if either she or it became president. Within the chaos clips was the thought of drawing or sculpting a caricature so I’m going to give it a shot. I’ve started already but a friend kindly told me that my work so far does not look like the turd. I’ll post some progress pics soon.

The Journey Artstation.com Challenge update

I have decided to abandon ‘the beginning’- it bores me, but I did make a thumbnail sketch of one possibility that came to mind.

“The Journey” Artstation.com Challenge

I’m a much better sculptor than I am an illustrator but I decided to enter a 2d challenge hosted by Artstation.com.   My first step was to brainstorm: wrote a few notes.  The next step will be to draw some quick thumbnails playing with concepts.




Mushroom Hill: Mushroom w.i.p. 2

I’ve been sculpting the mushroom by hand in ZBrush‘s ‘Dynamesh’ it still needs a bit of work but I wanted to see it rendered in Keyshot (basic).

I might start the ground and hill before I finish the mushroom so I can set the stage and maybe play around with some camera movements in Blender.

Copyright Jesse Velasquez, TrappedInFlesh.com
Copyright Jesse Velasquez, TrappedInFlesh.com


This video crossed my feed on facebook
It’s worth the watch. Pass it on!

Mushroom Hill: Mushroom w.i.p.

So I have finally started my “Mushroom Hill” project. First thing I’m going to build is the Mushroom.  When I first thought of the concept the original plan was to animated it in 2d, but since I have ZBrush and Blender is available, I decided to give a go in 3d.