Strawberry Farts 

TrappedInFlesh/ October 3, 2016

  Another view of some progress I’ve made on one of the characters in my “Strawberry Farts” image – soon to be completed.

Baby’s Tree

TrappedInFlesh/ July 26, 2016

My cousin just became a mother and asked me to paint a tree in her baby’s room. She also asked that I do the work based on a few pics she sent me for reference. I’m excited and hope they never paint over it, haha. I’m using Photoshop

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TrappedInFlesh/ July 14, 2016

Graduation Gift

TrappedInFlesh/ June 29, 2016

“Mama Owl” acrylic on canvas.¬† A graduation gift for a dear friend.

Strawberry Farts 2

TrappedInFlesh/ April 12, 2016

Here’s a short video. In Dynamesh with a 512 resolution.

Strawberry Farts 1

TrappedInFlesh/ April 6, 2016

I drew this cartoon a while back that I wanted to paint using Photoshop – changed my mind, going to make it using ZBrush. Below is the beginning.    


TrappedInFlesh/ April 2, 2016

I dig this song. Mellow and positive.

Fucking Politics

TrappedInFlesh/ March 21, 2016

I hate politics. The “people” never win or are taken care of. If one group of people is helped another suffers. ‘In god’ I do not trust. When I heard Hillory and Dump won the primaries, that shit bummed me out. I was on the clock at the

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TrappedInFlesh/ February 29, 2016

This video crossed my feed on facebook It’s worth the watch. Pass it on!