The Job

Another day at the job. It’s my third day back.  I thought I was going to hate returning to a job where creativity, almost, does not exist.  But it’s not so bad.  I use to see it as “I’m a deli guy trying to be an artist.” Now I see it clearly.  I’m an artist working at a deli.  The good thing is that art does not require a desk and chair and thanks to technology, I don’t have to carry a sketchbook, I can draw or write notes on my phone.  Time to get ready.  Have a great day world.


Finally!!! But there is no time for majesty.  The deadline is tonight 11:59.  So in ZBrush I am going to sculpt this design.  A man that transforms into a partial insect type creature and back to human.  For the sake of the contest I will probably not sculpt his penis and testicles.   A werebug.


Creature Contest.

I’m practicing illustrating from words for a project I’m on and this creature contest popped up, deadline September 20th.  I’m going to create a monster.  Step one project folder. The next step was a name.  Though I have know idea what he will look like I have named him Domingo.