So I’m getting older.

TrappedInFlesh/ January 16, 2016/ Thought

It’s a trip when you think about death.  It’s going to happen to all of us.  I sometimes wonder how many doctors are out there practicing for profit.  People that end up with shit like cancer- do their doctors try to heal them or do they just do  what is necessary to keep the patient alive and on medication.

This past June I dislocated my shoulder.  It fucking hurt.  Along with the dislocation I had a scrape with a deep-ass cut in the center of it on my knee.  The doctor prescribed me an ointment that I was to apply twice a day.  I did, but on the third day I was going to put more cream on the wound, I didn’t.  The edges of the scrape were bright red, as if someone drew on me with a loud red marker.  The cut in the the scrapes center was turning nasty, looked meaty and raw.  I freaked out so I doused it with peroxide and with ten to twenty minutes it cleared.  I informed the doctor.  She tells me “don’t use the peroxide too much, it will kill healthy skin/tissue too, just use soap and water to clean it and keep it clean.”  SOAP AND WATER!!!  Why didn’t she tell me that in the first place?

Everyone have a great weekend!