When I’m home, mostly in my tiny studio, there is always music playing. A variety of “genres” sometimes in languages I can’t understand – doesn’t matter. If my inner Self, Spirit, Soul, what ever you want to call it, if it dances I listen. Because I like my music loud, I use a headset. The less I hear of the outside world the better.
The playlist below is my current accompaniment.

Graduation Gift

“Mama Owl” acrylic on canvas.  A graduation gift for a dear friend.


Strawberry Farts: Update



Strawberry Farts: Update

Soon it will speak.



Digital medium: ZBrush 4R7 -Dynamesh 128 resolution.

Private Commission: Owl 2

Using Photoshop I am trying to figure out what I’m going to paint on the canvas (16″x 20″). I’m not worried about it looking good, just want to be certain of what I’ll be painting. I have a few possibilities in mind. Here’s one, an owl with its wings a bit extended. There were two requests. An owl and purple. I made the background purple in this doodle just to check it out – and I kinda like it, but I’ll see it stays.

Private Commission: owl

A dear friend of mine has commissioned me to paint an owl on canvas. Her birthday is coming up, next week. SO I have seven days to complete this piece. First, I’ll play around with the composition in photoshop. Here is the start. 🙂


I’m on snapchat. If you’d like to see work in progress that I will not share anywhere else, add me: TrappedInFlesh. Thank you for visiting TrappedInFlesh.comJesseVelasquezTrappedinFlesh_Snapchat