President of United States Incorporated. Tonald Drump.

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Turdle in the Restroom


Turdle shower curtain.

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Debate Night 9/26/2016

A TrappedInFlesh point of view. jessevelasqueztrappedinflesh_debatenight2016

easter Bunny: done

This where I stopped. I think it was the whole easter theme that killed it for me. I might come back to this model and turn it into an anthropomorphic character.

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It’s easter this sunday so when I get home from the job I’m going to portray the easter Bunny using ZBrush.  It’ll be a maquette of sorts, not a completed piece, just an exercise.  Till then enjoy this concept doodle.  Now, to the job – wage slave but never a drone.

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Copyright Jesse Velasquez

Mushroom Hill: Mushroom w.i.p.

So I have finally started my “Mushroom Hill” project. First thing I’m going to build is the Mushroom.  When I first thought of the concept the original plan was to animated it in 2d, but since I have ZBrush and Blender is available, I decided to give a go in 3d.