When I’m home, mostly in my tiny studio, there is always music playing. A variety of “genres” sometimes in languages I can’t understand – doesn’t matter. If my inner Self, Spirit, Soul, what ever you want to call it, if it dances I listen. Because I like my music loud, I use a headset. The less I hear of the outside world the better.
The playlist below is my current accompaniment.


Baby’s Tree

My cousin just became a mother and asked me to paint a tree in her baby’s room. She also asked that I do the work based on a few pics she sent me for reference. I’m excited and hope they never paint over it, haha.
I’m using Photoshop to render a few possibility doodles. Here’s one of them.



I recently started painting on canvas using acrylics and I like it. Once complete I’ll be selling this piece. Here’s a sneak peek. Touch_It_by_JesseVelasquezTrappedinFlesh_wip1

Graduation Gift

“Mama Owl” acrylic on canvas.  A graduation gift for a dear friend.


Private Commission: owl

A dear friend of mine has commissioned me to paint an owl on canvas. Her birthday is coming up, next week. SO I have seven days to complete this piece. First, I’ll play around with the composition in photoshop. Here is the start. 🙂

“The Journey” Challenge

I’m a much better sculptor than I am an illustrator but I decided to enter a 2d challenge hosted by   My first step was to brainstorm: wrote a few notes.  The next step will be to draw some quick thumbnails playing with concepts.