Random Spit

TrappedInFlesh/ April 17, 2018/ Thought

Usually I’ll grab breakfast at a local diner or at the golden arches.   But because I shouldn’t and really can’t be spending money as if I had it pouring into my pockets every Friday today I had a bowl of cereal.  I sat in front of the TV and after clicking away from channels that were airing commercials I settled for the that was not. 

The timing was perfect a show called “The Real” was about to begin.  The real, this should be good, I thought.  I like realness.  But, then the hostesses walked out.   Each one of them wearing layers of make up.   The audience too, all wearing caked on make up. 

Society already has people thinking they have to look a certain way.  If you’re going to call a show “The Real” keep it real.  Young people out there are already struggling to love themselves as they are.   If you want the hostesses to wear make up, cool, but don’t cake it on, hiding what they really look like.