No Tourists

TrappedInFlesh/ September 2, 2017

A day ago I saw a video clip talking about nurth coria (deliberately mispelled) banning american tourists. ‘Oooh shit’ I thought.  Last night I had a dream… Los Angeles without warning was being bombed.   In the dream realizing there was no escape, I hoped for a quick

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Last Song

TrappedInFlesh/ August 11, 2017

At the job. Halfway through my one and a half liter bottle of water, finished my sandwich and my side of slaw and it’s time to clock back in.  Last song, an oldie  but relevant to the times I think.  To have a listen click > KRS-ONE


TrappedInFlesh/ August 7, 2017

In the kitchen, a party of two. Shots of vodka accompanied by music. Both cooked. Both laughed and even danced. The results a tasty success. And dessert, delicious.   

Deli, Done

TrappedInFlesh/ August 6, 2017

Twenty-years, half a pound of this quarter pound of that.  Small containter of potato salad, large container of pasta salad.  The not so kind, “What do you mean you’re out. Im going to complain. That’s the only reason why I came” – with a basket full of other

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TrappedInFlesh/ August 4, 2017

The job. Underground, redline to Hollywood. In my ears – muisc. 

Rehired, Why?

TrappedInFlesh/ June 6, 2017

It’s my day off and I get a call from one of my bosses, the assistant department manager.  An “owner partner” said she couldn’t go in tomorrow because of a doctors appointment. The assistant continues to tell me that he worked with this o.p. yesterday and saw that

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Worth a Shot

TrappedInFlesh/ March 15, 2017

A friend recommended this book, I just read the introduction and it’s got my attention. My creativity is blocked and I have to unblock it as soon as possible. Being a corporate wage slave has been and continues to push my creativity further back into my psyche but

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Prop 64

TrappedInFlesh/ October 15, 2016

  Just the other night on Neflix I watched a documentary called “13th” about the prison system.  They can’t be racist so now seems they plan to go after people that use Marijuana. Vote ‘No’ on Prop 64. Visit VoteKnowProp64 to know why.


TrappedInFlesh/ October 6, 2016

  For your friends and family, perfect for Halloween. Who is not “Content” with Love? Clicking on the image will take you to where  “Content” is available as greeting cards, wall art (with optional framing) and phone cases. Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great day/night.