Worth a Shot

A friend recommended this book, I just read the introduction and it’s got my attention. My creativity is blocked and I have to unblock it as soon as possible. Being a corporate wage slave has been and continues to push my creativity further back into my psyche but I know it’s salvageable – I can feel it. I just don’t know how go about it on my own. I’ve been an unappreciated cog, so describes my compensation, that I’ve been neglecting the part of me that is most natural. This book is so reasonably priced that it’s worth a shot.


Prop 64


Just the other night on Neflix I watched a documentary called “13th” about the prison system.  They can’t be racist so now seems they plan to go after people that use Marijuana.

Vote ‘No’ on Prop 64. Visit VoteKnowProp64 to know why.

Radio “Big Du Du” Velasquez (June 29, 2004 – October 20, 2016)



For your friends and family, perfect for Halloween. Who is not “Content” with Love?

Clicking on the image will take you to pixels.com where  “Content” is available as greeting cards, wall art (with optional framing) and phone cases.

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Strawberry Farts 


Another view of some progress I’ve made on one of the characters in my “Strawberry Farts” image – soon to be completed.

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Strawberry Farts 1

I drew this cartoon a while back that I wanted to paint using Photoshop – changed my mind, going to make it using ZBrush. Below is the beginning.



Fucking Politics

I hate politics. The “people” never win or are taken care of. If one group of people is helped another suffers. ‘In god’ I do not trust. When I heard Hillory and Dump won the primaries, that shit bummed me out. I was on the clock at the job and after the news the day dragged, it sucked. While my body went into routine, robot mode, my mind painted fucked up pictures of possible futures if either she or it became president. Within the chaos clips was the thought of drawing or sculpting a caricature so I’m going to give it a shot. I’ve started already but a friend kindly told me that my work so far does not look like the turd. I’ll post some progress pics soon.