Mientras Work

TrappedInFlesh/ August 14, 2018

While I mess with creation – replayed >>> https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=OLTSlVT3OFI&feature=share


TrappedInFlesh/ July 29, 2018

I’ve been told a lot to focus on one thing until completion.  It makes sense and it works – when I’m at my day job.  For my personal projects, the more I try to focus on one, the more my mind wanders with thoughts of my other projects. 

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Conventional Slavery

TrappedInFlesh/ July 11, 2018

Where I work, a tall early thirty something, skinny father to many, gamer man put in his two week notice with his last day being the fourth day from today.  This dude is the last person I thought would quit the company.   He was a department manager

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Content Dos

TrappedInFlesh/ July 7, 2018

A revision of “Content” “Content Dos,” work in progress. To begin, my accompaniment:

Video Games: For Adults

TrappedInFlesh/ June 16, 2018

Growing up the adults in my life thought video games were just for kids.  Till this day a lot of people my age, 45, or even a few years younger still believe video games are meant for children.  They are not.  If you like watching movies, you might

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TrappedInFlesh/ June 6, 2018

I know what the adults that heard what I listened to in my adolescence must have thought when they heard the music I was into.  yeah, phases.  I hear what teenagers like these days and, HOLY SHIT…I think to myself.  Then I heard this song.  It’s got some

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TrappedInFlesh/ June 4, 2018

In conversation with coworkers and others I realize that not every one pays attention to the same things.  Not everyone knows what you do.  Not everyone can invest the time to concern themselves with the wrongs of the world to a point of action.  Not everyone has multiple

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TrappedInFlesh/ June 3, 2018

Just came across this song/video while searching for a different tune on youtube.  It’s a positive vibe so I decided to share it.  Spirit dances. Unity. Peace.

New Cartoon!

TrappedInFlesh/ May 25, 2018

WARNING:  Adult content  18 years of age and older click HERE.